Care & Maintenance of our Outdoor Furniture

Easily maintain your outdoor furniture by wiping it down with any all-purpose household cleaner. For a more thorough cleaning, use outdoor cleaning solutions that connect to a garden hose. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.

Storage & Winterizing

Our products are made with weather-resistant materials and UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking. Feel free to keep them outdoors all year round! If you choose not to use your furniture during colder months and lack storage space, cover them with a tarp until they're needed again. This will minimize cleaning when you're ready to use them.

Using Sand in Tables & Bars

Our 30” table and 36” double bar provide the option to use sand for extra stability, though it's not required. Fill holes are located at the top of the leg between the spearhead.

Easy Assembly with Minimal Tools

Assemble your new outdoor furniture with ease using just a rubber mallet and a utility knife – no additional tools needed!

Hardware-Free Furniture Assembly

Our innovative designs allow for easy assembly without the need for hardware, making setup a breeze.

Furniture Dimensions

Explore our complete product line with dimensions by clicking here. Find the perfect fit for your outdoor space!

High-quality Material: High Density Polyethylene Resin

Experience the durability and style of our outdoor furniture, made from high-quality High Density Polyethylene Resin.